EB3A AC output glitches charging from DC

I have a brand new EB3A, fully updated to ARM fw v2057.11, DSP fw v2056.10. When running a PC as the AC load (~100W) and charging with DC input in excess of the AC load (~190W), the EB3A will cycle charging, ie. charge begins when the unit drops to 99% and stops when the unit reaches 100% again. On the automatic disconnect of the DC charging at 100%, I’m seeing glitches on the AC output that are sufficient to cause the PC to reset.

It significantly reduces the usefulness of this product if it cannot actually charge and discharge simultaneously without glitching the output in ways that requires a downstream UPS in front of sensitive equipment.

Hi @alx , We are very sorry for the inconvenience.
Does the machine report any errors?
If so, please send a video + description of the error when it occurred to our support department at service@bluettipower.com and they will provide a more professional solution.

No errors reported anywhere, I hear a click from the EB3A as DC charging completes, simultaneously the fans in the PC ramp up as they do during power-on and I see the BIOS splash screen on the monitor.

Trying to reproduce the issue again, the AC output turned off entirely and the unit shows OVERLOAD in red on the display panel, however it’s not possible for the PC to exceed the AC power rating, the unit only has a 180W power supply and was drawing less than 100W before the EB3A disconnected AC. The DC input is regulated at 24V, so it also cannot generate an overload.

Edit: I should also note that the EB3A is not excessively warm and it’s operating in a room that’s ~70F.