EB3A AC doesn't charge faster then 154w

I’m traveling so I charge my bluetti eb3a at mcdonalds or wherever i find the possibility. It used to charge at the normal 240w but since 2 weeks ago it never goes faster then 154w… I tought it was cos mcdonalds or library limit the power for customer but it isnt the case becouse it is too consistent.
What you suggest me?

Have you turned on the silent mode or fast charging mode? This will have an impact.
If not, place a cool place for a while and try again.

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I don’t use the app, never did, so I didn’t change any setting. The unit is located in my car wich now is very ‘cool’… around 5°. Can the problem be caused by humidity?

When I received my EB2A, it would only charge at 65W. So I let it fully charge (slowly), then used it to full exhaustion (using a constant drain like a small heater), then recharged it again.

On the recharge, it first started charging at 268 watts. At 97% charge, the incoming power dropped to 155 watts (sounds familiar?). At 99%, it dropped to 65 watts. It seems like my unit did “learn” something during this full discharge cycle, so it may work as well for you.

Cold temps can affect the charging rate as can the battery “%” remaining (State of Charge).

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@rincost , You can turn on the APP to check, please try to put the machine in the right temperature to try, it seems that the temperature limits the charging power

This is exactly how it used to charge before. I tought it was like a car slowing down right before reaching the target, kind of a security system to avoid overcharge. The thing is that now it never reach 240w…
It starts at 100w then sometime goes to 150w and never higher then that.

ok, then what is the good range? In your experience +5° is ok?
The % in my case is not doing much. It does if I start at 30% aswell as 3%.

You cannot charge below 32 degrees. The charging and discharge temperature ranges are listed in the manuals for each model. When the battery is charged beyond 80% or at Elevated temperatures charging rates will be affected as well