EB3 firmware question

Hello All. I have a basic EB3 question. I recently purchased the unit and I see that there are firmware updates available but I’m not sure how to apply them. I see warnings not to have any AC or DC power connected while updating. Any suggestions how to do the upgrade? Also what’s the difference between the ARM and the DSP upgrade? Thanks for the help, John.

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John, there were times I forgot to remove the power cord or remove the items I had plugged into the AC output when doing the firmware upgrade, but it went without a hitch. Still, I think it may be best to not have anything plugged in (just in case), have the power station just On, and then do the update with the app. I don’t know the difference between Arm & Dsp, but it’s best to upgrade both one at a time, the device will reboot after doing one, then you can reconnect and do the second one.

Keep your phone near the station and don’t interrupt the process or let your phone go to sleep, maybe put it in Airplane Mode so the phone doesn’t ring. It should take less than a minute to do.


Thanks jayling. I just finished the upgrades and all went well.