EB240 showing E021 error code

Rolled my EB240 outside to charge with solar. I got the E021 code which basically says it’s too cold to charge. Rolled my other EB240 outside and plugged it in to the same solar array. Started charging without a problem. It was about 60 degrees F outside.

Rolled the EB240 inside the house and let it sit for a while. Plugged in the AC charger. Error code again. Is there a way to clear the error code or reset the unit? Unit still has two-bars of power. I was running it last night with a small space heater pulling about 500w.

Try letting it sit longer to fully warm up to the minimum temp and try again.

The unit was in the house before I took it outside. My other EB240 and an EB150 were charging fine. I’m in L.A. and it was about 60 degrees. For me that’s a little chilly but the other units were working fine. I’ll keep the 240 inside overnight and check it again in the morning. Thanks, Scott.

Low temp charging cutoff should not happen until around 0C. At 60F, that’s around 15C should be just fine. In fact it is ideal to charge batteries.

If those were your temps, I cant imagine temperature playing a role

Snowstorm & Scott: That’s what I was thinking as well. There must be something else going on. I remember seeing a post or thread somewhere that the EB240 can be reset but I can’t recall exactly where I saw that.

Hi @Brassburnz,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
E021 is the temperature protection. Pls put the EB240 in the room temperature, Turn off the unit now. Do not recharge the unit and do not use it to power anything. Turn it on when it is room temperature.

I let the 240 sit inside overnight. I plugged it into the AC charger and everything works fine. Error code is gone.

Thanks for everyone’s replies. Still kinda puzzled but glad it works!

Something does not add up here with the temps you reported but glad it works fine now.

I would not expect a temp protection error unless it is close to 0C or 40C.

Unless the temperature sensor is not reading accurately or there is more to the story.

The unit was outside on my patio and there was a steady breeze. It was charging initially but when I checked about an hour later the error code showed. Perhaps the wind chill on the aluminum case triggered the temp warning.

Sorry for chiming in, but I do not find a way how to create a topic here.

My issue is that Im getting exactly the same error code while Im trying to charge my EB150.

The device is completely new, the user guide explains the error code as low or high temperature. But the temperature is 23 C , the humidity is 49 % so its all fits declared range.

I cannot charge it for very first time. But, when use it in discharging mode as a power station, everything works well

Does anybody knows if it’s common issue ? Can it be troubleshooted ?
And what is causing this error code to occur ? The ed150 device or Out of the box charge adapter I use to charge this device ?

A second step seemed to do the trick for me, after cooling down the unit. Disconnect the incoming solar or wall charger power input cable. The code turned off immediately after I did that and powered off/on again. Unless the timing was coincidental to cooling down enough.

However, I also disconnected everything that was plugged into the EB (240 in my case.) – All AC and DC as well as from the rear outlet.

I also toggled the AC and DC power buttons back on.

And of course turned the main power off, cooling period, and back on, several times, without success.

My indoor/outdoor thermometer read 101/95 F today in my van. (I had survived 104/104 in the summer one day, but I remembered to turn off the EB 240 and unplug the solar input, without any problems. Then I read the manual and found out 104 is the allowed ceiling!)

Today I smelled electronics when I opened my van and saw the E021 error code. But so far the electronics seemed to have survived. I’m coming on 3 years full time van life w/ the EB240 and no issues. Very good quality control I would say.
If the temp gets hot (95+ in the van), I will shut the unit off plus disconnect the input cable from now on.

If it is true that there is a second step needed of disconnecting the input cable, that probably was overlooked during quality testing, which I am guessing is a simple software bug fix. Or by design to keep the unit from overheating again. Because the E021 code should trigger all electronic circuit breakers to trip off one would think. It’s possible they don’t. Unless it’s just a stuck error code that needs a software fix.

(The member who said above they don’t know why the code was not displaying in the morning – it’s probably because the sun doesn’t shine overnight.)

Footnote: 2 of my 4 panels are older, and have slightly different power specs. I have to disconnect then reconnect the solar input each morning once the panels are supplying power, or I only get power from 2 panels not all 4. Configured 2 Series 2 Parallel. That might be a factor in my E021 case, but probably not. (Bluetti support informed me that wouldn’t be an issue if all 4 of my panels were the same. 2S2P halves the voltage and doubles the amperage, but also results in something like 12% loss of power wattage. 4 Renogy 100s in series at max sunlight is too much voltage for the EB.)

Once again, these EBs were designed very well. And we should have the common sense to disconnect the input cable if the sun is shining and the unit is overheated. : )