EB240 error code e014

Could anyone help please?

I have been using my EB240 to power my motorhome when off grid by connecting a suicide lead from the EB240 AC outlet to a socket in the motorhome. No doubt this will shock many of yo (not literally) but it actually works very well. While staying on a campsite with mains hook up I was going to charge up the EB240 using the dedicated charging brick but had brain fade and accidentally used the suicide lead and connected the AC outlet of the EB240 (powered off at the time) to a live 240v socket. It tripped a circuit breaker on the campsite where I was staying. The EB240 now shows error code E014.

I filled out the details below on the Bluetti website which was supposed to connect to the Bluetti community but have no idea how to access that community so am starting again here

details of unit and fault below

About the product

(1)Serial number 40283SE21160059

(2)Model EB240

(3)Displayed information on the screen E014

(4)Description of your problem: When switching on AC power the error code E14 occurs and will not clear by pressing AC button. It does not matter whether anything is plugged in or not. The unit charges up ok and the DC circuits work but there is no output from AC.

(5)Does it happen before? No

(6)In what circumstance does the problem occur? A live 240v supply was plugged into the AC outlet by accident. The supplying circuit tripped out but presumably some damage was caused to the DC/AC inverter. I have tried to reset by pressing the AC button but the error reappears after a few seconds. The manual suggests checking if the output port of the inverter is short circuited but I don’t know how to go about this.

Is there a reset procedure or does it need a repair? Could there be a fuse blown or circuit breaker tripped?

Can anyone help please?



@JKenH If you restart the EB240, the error code E014 still appears, I suggest that you can contact support for the repair.