Eb240 as part of larger system

Getting ready to expand battery system. Is there any way to make the eb240 pull power directly from another solar charger? Essentially as part of a larger battery system? Many thanks.

Not from a sogen without going through its inverter but you can from the B300 or B230 battery. I have the B300 and it works well my AC200P or EB150 and gives me an additional 2400wh of usable power.

You could do what eric102 did, or you could purchase your own battery or batteries for expansion. I and some others have purchased a spare battery and a DC to DC converter to increase the voltage for the DC input. The DC to DC converter that I bought has adjustable voltage and current so I can set it within the EB150 specs and run it in a CV/CC mode. I have an EB150. It is the same as the EB240 except the battery capacity is lower.