EB200 new Bluetti MillerTech solar generator

Interesting. I think good to partner w/ local company cause there have been customer service complaints (although everytime for most part Bluetti responded to my concerns (usually shipping related) but I think in many cases it was time zone related IMO. And seems more serious issues were usually resolved. Still cant hurt to have local support.

A bit concerned about the comment the AC200P has manufacturing issues. Curious if AC200P owners can verify this comment w/ evidence from their own experience.

I did see the AC200P has come down in price but concerned if due to the claim in this video.

Why call this a “solar generator” when it isn’t even a generator. It is just an intelligent energy storage battery with charging and inverter features.

So we have AC200, AC200Max and now EB200?
What’s the main difference between the AC and EB line?

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Good question. Also need to figure out what is different (improvements? ) to this EB200 vs AC200p. Maybe have to goto MillerTech to get more info.


I use to know the distinction between AC & EB but escapes me at the moment. Im sure that has been answered before in the forum but might be hard to search the forum using AC EB :wink:

I do like the new adapter/ports configuration/layout.

But still no wheels for this luggable

Same reason we commonly refer to an automotive passenger vehicle as a “car” even though that does not accurately describe what the vehicle is. Just a common term that the average person can relate to since the average person is not well versed with how batteries store and release electrical energy nor do they want to know. There are those who just want to turn a product on and be able to have electrical power available with no fuss or hassle. For those of us that may want a more accurate term to refer to our “solar generators” we are free to call them what we wish.


This really triggers some people. In reality, the combination of one of these units and solar panels IS a generator of sorts, with the added capability of storing some of the power not being used for current needs.

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Thst is a nice but unclear answer. So if I attach a small photovoltaic panel to my smartphone, it becomes a “solar generator” too, according to your logic. As an EE and doing over 60 years of electrical work, I call it as it should be , not as the market calls it. There is no such thing as “windmills” because they don’t mill the wind, just powered by it. And “black boxes” in aircraft are never black, but orange colored. As technical professionals our responsibility is to educate users correctly.

Sign… driveway parkway. Sometimes we just have to go with the flow.

I call my solar charger, battery, inverter units just “the battery”

But, as a Canadian, I am glad they call it a solar generator. As solar power equipment have no import tariff, but battery is subject to tariffs. So long live “solar generator”.


You are free to name Items as you wish. That does not compel any other human being to do the same or deny them the right to do so. We all have free will. To each his own. As a technical professional, could you enlighten us as to what you call your personal mode of mechanized transportation?


Anyone have an opinion on this model? I have no experience w/ MillerTech

My opinion is that it is a Bluetti / Maxoak product rebranded with a Miller Tech brand.

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I just got EB200P…i think EB200P has higher watts output others than that dunno what else it difference.

Hi @Muaythai2006 , MillerTech is an authorized distributor of BLUETTI. EB200P has a capacity of 2200W 2048Wh, which is a bit higher than EB200. Thank you for your great support of BLUETTI products.

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