Eb150 with Newpowa panels

Hello. This is my 1st solar install and am trying to set up my eb150 to 2 panels. I’m now 2nd guessing what I thought would work.
Here’s the info on my panels

They are Newpowa 240w Panels

  • Max Power Output(W): 240W
  • Voltage MPP Vmp(V): 23.32V
  • Current MPP Imp(A): 10.16A
  • Voltage Open Circuit Voc(V): 27.08V
  • Short Circuit Current Isc(A): 10.71A

Will these work? I’m guessing if they do I have to connect them in series? Thank you!

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Hello calebdonaldson,

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Yes, it will work. Please connect them in series.

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EB150 takes an input of 16-68V OCV. You should not have to connect in series, but you definitely should.

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You should connect them in series to get maximum power. Series add voltage, parallel ad current.

If you connect them in parallel, your max power will be limited to about 240w due to the 10A input current limit of the EB150. Though you will be able to sustain max power of 240w for a much longer part of the day with 2 pane in series vs single panel.

Would it had been better to find smaller wattage panels that draw less amps?

No! What you have is good. You just want 2 of them. Hook them in series and you are golden. You will get about 480w from them. You cannot hook 3 in series as they will exceed the voltage of the EB150.

Panels don’t draw amps, they make amp. You would want panels that produce current and voltage that max out the capability of your charger. The EB150 can take up to 68V and 10A. So In the most ideal case you would want panels that can add up to 62V or so (pane produce more V than rated when it is cold) and supply 10A, but perfect is hard to come by. Your panels with 2 will add up to 54V and provide 10A, which is pretty good.

Say I have a Bluetti Maxoak EB150.
the maximum watt input is 500 watts
The maximum voltage input is 60V & the max amp input is 10a on the Bluetti.
The two solar panels I am looking at are 210 watts each.
Each panel is 19.83 volts and 12.48 amps.
I will be wiring them in series, so the voltage will be 39.66 which is under the max of 60 volts.
But the amps won’t change, the amps will be 12.48
Can I hook these two panels to the EB150?

Yes. It is OK to go over amp, that is commonly done. The EB150 will not pull more than it can and will top out at 10A. Never exceed Voc. In fact, leave a 5% buffer as voltage increases on a cold day. 10% buffer if you live in a place with really cold winters.

Thanks a bunch!
It does get cold here in central Minnesota.
I have two panels that are 210 watts / 12.35 amps & 19.38 volts each.
I will be wiring them in series, so will have:
420 watts / 12.35 amps & 39.66 volts.
I know the EB150 will go up to 60 volts
But I also have an email from Bluetti stating that the unit will actually go up to 65 volts.
Allowing for 10 %, that would put me at around 44 volts, so math wise, I should be good.
Thanks again

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