Eb150 will not turn on or charge after night in cold

My Eb150 will not turn on or charge after night in cold. It may have ran out of juice as it wasn’t charging because of a week of cloud cover. I brought it inside the house where it’s been for over 24 hrs and plugged into AC. The green light powers on when it’s plugged in and shows one bar of power. It will not charge. The ac nor dc buttons can be turned on. When I unplug it the light goes out and I can not get it to come on. Any ideas?

Hi there!
I would leave the Power Station plugged in and wait some hours!?
The charging unit inside will also bring temperature from inside…
I also feel That my EB3A doesn‘t like lower temperature than 10 degrees Celsius!
Good luck!

Now at over 36 hrs and still nothing. I’ve had it take a while to warm up before but usually no more than 8 hrs

Hi @calebdonaldson , How low is the low-temperature ambient temperature?
After resting the machine indoors, the AC and DC port can not be charged?