EB150 will not power on (Power light is on)

My EB150 has suddenly stopped working. The power light is stuck on however it will not power up. No reading on the screen. No exposure to water or low/high temps. I have tried connecting it to the AC power adaptor. The fan of the adaptor kicks on when attached so it seems to maybe accepting a charge. Any suggestions? I have tried calling customer service and emailing them and am waiting for a response.

@joelsephH what was the unit doing prior to that problem arising??

My only real suggestion would be to completely charge the unit to full (or until the green light turns on, on the AC charging brick) Then unplug the charging cord. And then put a load on the AC or DC side and try running it until the unit completely discharges. Sometime this “complete cycle” will “reset” the unit. Good luck and keep us posted.