Eb150 surge issue/error e025

Hello. I have a eb150 and a few things connected to it. I have a dometic fridge and a Chinese diesel heater. When I have the fridge connect via 12v and the heater turns on the surge protection turns the cig lighter plug off. If I unplug the fridge and fire up and turn the heater off it works just fine. It’s the initial turn on and off and it seems to trip. Is it possible I’m hitting the 1200w? Or is it that there’s not 12v available?
Shows eo25

Has something to do with dc. I plugged the fridge into the ac and left the heater and fans on dc. Totally fine starting and shutting down

Does anyone know of a solution? I’m open to other power sources or adding more power just not sure what’s best

So the 12v fridge and the AC heater works separately but not together? What is the wattage of the heater and fridge? Note that the DC cigarette lighter output is only max 9A (110w or so), not sure if that is enough to run the fridge. When fridge compressor start, they typically surge up to 3x rated power for a few seconds.

Ok. It must be the amps which is what I was thinking. So thinking the only way to handle this is unplug fridge while the heater fires up or down, keep the fridge on ac, or get another battery addition where one of the items could be put on.
If I added one of the battery additions would that work?

What do you mean by adding battery?
What is the wattage of the fridge and heater?

Like adding one of the battery modules like the b230 and having one of my items on that since the initial push on power seems to be maxing the amps.

The B230 does have a 12V 10A max output, but that is about the same as the 12V 9A output on the EB150, so if it trips that, it may also exceed that. We need to find out whether you are exceed total Wattage, or just the current on the 12V port.

What is the wattage of your fridge (110V) and heater (12V)? Knowing that would help us find the exact solution.

It’s the 12v issue. If I run the fridge and Chinese diesel heater while they both start up they trip
I have 2 maxx air fans as well. The fans and fridge play nice together. The fans require 5 amps

The fridge is a dometic cx45

Input voltage (AC), [V]


Input voltage (DC), [V]


Rated input current (AC), [A]

0.80A at 120V

Rated input current (DC), [A]


The fridge takes 8.2A at 12v to run, which is within the limits. However, when the compressor starts, it will take maybe 2x more for a couple of seconds, that is when it exceeds the 9A limit of the 12V output. I don’t think adding the battery will help as that DC output is still only 10A. You need something with a 20A DC at 12V. Or run your fridge using AC (even though it is less efficient) since the EB150 has more capacity and surge in AC.

What I was wondering is if the fridge were on one and the heater on the other. Then I could put other things wherever there’s room? If the battery is connected to the eb150, but the two items are on their own device, the surge should be an issue right? I agree the fridge can be on ac which works fine and as I said it’s just not as efficient

If it was me, I would get a 120VAC to 12V DC power supply, plug it in the AC outlets and use that for the heater. This would require you to plug both ears and not listen to the group of responses about the world ending due to inneficiency going through the AC. You won’t notice much difference.

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Scott I like ideas. Thank you

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