EB150 storage charge

Hi, I have to put my unit in storage far awhile. Is it best to fully charge it first or drain it down one bar?
When I got it new it was down one bar.



@rcmach1 manual states it’s ideal to store the so-gens at 80% charge to maximize life of the cells.

Personally… if I’m just keeping my sogen on hand for power outages or emergency situations, I want that unit to be at 100% so I’ll charge those units fully and store it that way. The cycle count numbers are ridiculous high whether it’s a lifepo4 or li-ion cells… and I’ll probably end up getting a new “upgraded” unit down the line long before I ever fully cycle thru those few thousand cycles. Hope this helps!! :metal:

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Thanks! I’ve seen both 80% and 100%. Do you know if they loose some over time?

Are you just not needing it at all for a while, or are you going to store it nearby to pull out for emergency/power out situations? If the former I’d probably go to 80%, but if I was “using” this as my standby emergency power source, I might top it off and then drain just a small amount to get it a little under 100%. If you are using it that way, several hundred cycles would last a very long time.

Its more for emergency power but we would take it with us camping. I think the best would be to drain it down 80-90% and top it off before a trip. Thanks

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I always keep mine at a 100% and cycle them from full to 0 percent and back every few months. For me the whole point of them is to have all the power possible when the lights go out.

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