EB150 not charging

Hi, I just bought this and it will charge with the ac power supply but not with solar. Along with the 150 I also bought 2ea Bluetti 120w folding panels. Tried hooking them in series and get a E017 error. Took one panel off and same thing. I was going to try a 320w panel (46 volt) but not sure now. Any ideas?



Oops! Bad extension cable - works OK.

We love an easy fix!

Hi there,

Sorry for the inconvenience.
E017 Error code means over-voltage protection(PV input). You need to disconnect the solar charging cable and then restart the machine.

Thank you for the update. It is very helpful for us to see the resolutions along with the original issue. Glad you got it working.

I did get an E023 a couple times while running a 12v Iceco cooler (40 - 70ws). Not sure why.

While running the Iceco with no charging coming in the EB150 will drop the first bar in about 4 hrs. Do you think that’s about right?


The E023 error code is an overload warning that the load exceeds the output limits. Most likely when the compressor starts it momentarily exceeds the 9 amp maximum output limit of the DC socket. When compressors start they require a larger amount of electricity than when running. Usually this is for a very short period of time and the load demand quickly goes back to normal. Your Bluetti is recognizing this overload. The hotter the outside and inside the cooler and the colder the thermostat is set, the harder the compressor has to work to reach the desired temp.

Yes, dropping the first bar in about 4 hours sounds normal. The battery bar is an approximation of remaining capacity and since the bars represent a range of + or - 20% at a given time it should be viewed as an approximation and not a specific amount of battery life left.

Here is a link to the operators manual that is available through the Bluetti web site.

The manual is full of useful information and lists all the error or warning codes along with their meanings. Your previous question about the 017 error code was stating that the solar panel combination you had connected exceeded the maximum allowable solar charging input voltage. Too high a voltage can damage the machine as well.

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Thank you for sharing, Scott. :+1:

Note that the voltage range in the manual has the wrong upper voltage. it is 68 volts open circuit not 60. 16-68 is on the web site and many, including me, have verified that it will work up to 68 Voc. It is not good when the web site and the manual don’t match on specifications need to choose panels for a device. Please update the downloadable manual. I requested that back in January and it hasn’t been changed.

There are some differences between products, please 16-60v shall prevail.

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The manual on the website is shown to include the EB120, EB150, EB180, & EB240… im guessing it’s a sort of “generalized” source for simplicity sake for the average buyer. Also it’s better to be safe then sorry regarding vdc input figures. I’ve seen more damage cause to units when over paneling in series then to parallel. This could also be considered that safety net?

@PaulL71 you’re right tho… the EB150 has a slightly different/upgraded mppt that can allow the higher 68vdc input. And @BLUETTI has updated the specific eb150 purchase page to reflect this in the specs. :metal:

EB240 has the same on the website. It has been 16-68 for almost a year. Bluetti confirmed that in an email back on January.
Since it is a very important spec used in selecting and configuring panels, it should be consistent wherever you find it on Bluetti webpages and manual for the device. That is all that I am asking, again.