EB150 Minimalist wiring

I recently got the EB150 and want to use it to power my small camper. I’d like to avoid a mess of USB cables.

Is there a simple solution to run power to a fuse block from the EB150?

What about an AC/DC transformer installed between the AC outlet and the fuse block?

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

How about a power strip instead?


Thank you. I should have mentioned that the trailer uses DC for everything (lights, water pump, fan, cooler). That’s why I was thinking of a way to link the Bluetti to the fuse block. Imagine like a teardrop camper where there’s little consumption.

The EB150 is probably more than is needed for the camper, but it will be nice to have to charge an ebike and as a backup at home.

Most campers and trailers have a power converter installed that converts 120 VAC power to 12VDC power. You could install one of these (not very expensive) and use the 12 volt output from that to power a small fuse box. All your 12 volt accessories would be powered directly from each fused circuit. The power converter could then simply be plugged into the AC outlet from your EB150. The power converters will also charge 12 volt batteries and you could install a small 12 volt battery charged by the converter.

The above is not as hard as it sounds and is the same most travel trailers operate. If your power needs are minimal, you could use the 12 volt socket coming from the EB150 and connect directly to your lights. Problem is you don’t want to use more than about 100 watts total to do this and that is not much.

Here is an all in one converter with fuse box circuits built in.

This example is a stand alone converter that would plub into your EB150 AC line and output up to 30 amps of 12 Volt DC power. You would run the output of this directly to your accessories or to a fused 12 volt distribution panel pictured. I have had several of the Iota brand converters and they have been flawless. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A FUSE BOX INSTALLED, ALL YOU NEED IS THIS UNIT AND CONNCT THE DC OUTPUT TO YOUR FUSE BOX INPUT. IT HAS A PRE-WIRED AC CORD WHICH WOULD PLUG DIRECTLY INTO YOUR EB150.

Here is another all in one unit

This is a small and compact all in one converter with a 25 amp output. They also have a smaller and larger size. With a unit like this, you can connect a couple of 120VAC outlets hard wired in your trailer and have multilple 12 volt ciruits for your lights, pump etc. This looks like a very compact unit. You would just need a place to store your EB150 and wire a power cord (AC) from this converter to the location of the EB150 and plug in, power up and go. You could place a small 12 VDC (35 amp hour) low cost lead acid battery somewhere to use for short term power needs (water pump, lights etc) without having to power up the EB150. When you did power up the 150, the trailer power converter would automatically charge the battery back up slowly.


Thank you Scott-Benson for all the great information! In order to keep the setup simple as possible, I’ll invest in an RV power converter. I like that it’s all-in-one. I guess it’s as simple as the drawing below.

I’ll just add a pig tail to the converter and choose to receive power either from the generator or shore power. Easy peasy :slight_smile:

I can see where adding a standby battery, inverter, et cetera would be helpful. However, keeping it simple is the goal.