EB150 low watt input on solar and AC when charging

Purchased a refurbished EB150 last week, everything works except the charging input will not go over 67watts on both solar and AC inputs. Battery had 3 bars when it arrived, plugged charger in, only 67watts input. Thought it might be in a float or trickle stage since the battery was 3/4 full, so I depleted the battery to 0 with 600w power draw over 2 hours. After depletion, charging still only maxes out at 67watts from a 200w AC or solar source. I believe there might be something wrong with the charge controller.

Where did you buy it from? A refurbished is supposed to be at least tested.

You will need to select the right input mode between car and PV, but AC should always work. Are you using the original adapter? What’s the wattage of the adapter? What kind of solar panels did you have attached to it?

I purchased the EB150 from the maxoak store on aliexpress on 3/30/2022. When the generator shipped it came from Bluetti in the US.

I am using the original adapter that came with the unit. 42v 4a (160w) adapter with 8mm barrel plug. The EB150 has no option to switch between car and pv because the minimum input voltage is 16v. The 160w adapter shows 160-185w on an AC kill-a-watt meter, but the unit only shows 67-68w input regardless of charge state. I also tried attaching 2-100w solar panels in series with a multimeter output reading wattage of 220w (44v 5a). When the panels are connected at 200w the unit reads slightly higher but only 70-72w input when it should be around 180-200w. I have spoken with bluetti phone support and they have already sent me a replacement power supply to test. But since it won’t accept more than 60-70w from ac OR solar, I assume it has something to do with the charge controller or BMS, because the wattage is there, it’s just not making it to the battery. Recharge time was about 24 hours @ 60w. Too slow to keep up with any appliance. Anything helps, Thanks!

Does the charging brick have a fan? I bought two refurbished EB150’s from Maxoak. One had a brick with a fan. The other did not. The brick with a fan would input more watts than the brick without the fan. Can’t remember the exact numbers, but I think it was about 67 watts without the fan. Closer to 200 watts for the brick with the fan. I prefer the solar input option.

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