Eb150 e0007 error

My bluetti was out in 35 degree weather. Tried to charge it and got the E0007 error which relates to low temperature. I brought the bluetti into the house and warmed it up for a few hours. I still get the same error when trying to charge. Is there a way to reset the BMS?

Hi there!
There seems to be a general problem with BLUETTI EB-series an others.
I had a similar Problem with my EB3A!
Solution can be: Do a full charge of the Power Station by using PV and Grid for at least one Night (or Long time) without touching and Button.
When fully charged the Power Station seems to do a reset and mine was working as it should!

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Hi @gmcarlmrnet , Is the ambient temperature you are referring to 35 degrees Fahrenheit? If so, the machine will have a low temperature alarm if the ambient temperature is very low.

most likely it just needs more time to warm up. There is a lot of battery mass to warm which takes time.

Thanks all. I gave it 6 hours in my heated house (Minnesota). It then started charging again. Surprised it took that long to warm up but glad it works.

PS I thought the low temp warning went on at 32F but must be 35-40F.

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I had a similar issue with my EB150 when I left it outside under my patio cover. Ambient temperature was in the 50’s, but it was windy that day. I think the wind chill factor dropped the temperature of the unit enough to throw the error code. Later in the day, the EB150 started working again.