EB150 DC overhead watt experiment and results

I wanted to try to determine how many watts of “overhead” is consumed by my EB150 when just the DC output was on but not running anything. Since the battery voltage is close to 12 volts already I was expecting that it would be low. I thought that others might be interested in the results.

This is the method that I used. It seems valid to me and I welcome comments and criticism if anyone thinks that this method is not valid.

  1. I charged it until it stopped charging.

  2. I turned it on and turned the DC outputs on with nothing connected and noted the date and time. 9/26/21 at 10:11 pm was the date and time.

  3. I kept checking daily until the display finally showed down 1 bar today.

  4. I shut it off at 7:11pm today 10/2/21 So that was 141 hours.

  5. I then recharged it with the charging brick with a 150A DC meter connected between the output of the brick and the EB150. When it stopped charging the 150A measured 336 wh. I specifically measured on the DC side of the power brick to eliminate including the watt loss converting from AC to DC in the brick if I had measured the watt hours with a Kill A Watt meter on the AC input to the brick.

  6. 336wh/141 hours = 2.38 watts overhead to keep the unit on with the DC output on.

This probably would apply to the EB240 also since it is essentially the same unit with a bigger battery.

That’s all…


@PaulL71 nice! That seams pretty legit to me!! Thanks for sharing man!