EB150 DC Input Current Limit

Hello, I am new here. I will be getting an EB150 delivered soon. I want to obtain more capacity. I was wondering if I got two 12V batteries in series, or one 24V battery if it is OK to run it directly to the DC input. The DC input is rated for 10A max. Does the input have a protection circuit that limits the current to 10A. If it does, I should be able to connect the 24V input from my spare batteries directly to the DC input via the 8mm connector. Otherwise, I would need to have a DC to DC converter with internal current limiting (or buy the D050S which is not available where I live).

You can run it directly. The EB150 will only pull 10 amps regardless of how many it is attached to on the supply side.

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Thank you Mr. Benson. I thought it would be OK. Just about all electrical devices have input voltage specs that should not be exceeded and then draw the appropriate current. I assumed the EB150 would be no different. I just want to be careful because they are very expensive. Actually, there are other forums where people are asking the same question, but nobody knows for sure. Everyone is afraid to try it. Anyway, it makes sense because the input is going to an MPPT controller that will regulate the power as needed. Thanks again.