EB150 Charging issues

My trucks bed accessory plug can only handle 240 watts max and the charger may be giving the unit 200 watts but it seems to be pulling more and blowing fuses. I have tested other things and the plug work fine. My buddy’s Jackery 1000 works fine… if there is 150-180 watt bluetti charger I can make this work. Any Ideas?


Are you referring to your truck having a 12 volt DC to 120 Volt AC inverter “Socket” that has a capacity of 240 watts? If so, you have not given any information regarding what you are trying to charge or “make work”. What specifically is the accessory socket you are referring to? If you are trying to run your EB150 charger and it outputs 200 watts, it will consume more than 200 watts to convert the voltages and that is why your 240 volt outlet is not working. The AC50 charger is 90 watts, but that is no better than normal DC car charging.
I think the Jackery 1000 AC charger is 165 watts max. Try plugging it into your EB150 and your truck, it should work. If so that is an option.

I checked my EB150’s charger with a watt meter and its drawing 230-240 watts out of the wall.

it’s a 20 amp 12 volt bed accessory plug, I tried a Jackery charger and it works temporarily but only work for 15ish minutes and shuts off ( the charger/ power supply) and then I have to disconnect the power and replug it in.( I did this test on my truck and a wall outlet) the Bluetti charger seems to work fine in my wall outlet, still testing. Trying to use this as a power supply for my camping trips and I’d love it to charge while I’m driving between camp sites.

Not sure how you are using a charger with your 20 amp 12 volt DC accessory socket. Are you by chance using an AC inverter connected to the socket that you are not mentioning? If so, 20 amps is not sufficient to power the inverter to get the watts you need

There is a 300 watt inverter plugged into my trucks bed accessory socket. this has worked with my buddies Jackery 1000 (ac charge draw 165ish watts) and my old yeti 400 (ac charge draw 80ish watts). What I need is a compatible charger that works with the EB150 that draws a bit less power. I tried the Jackery charger and it only work for a bit and stops charging the EB150.

The Jackery charger is probably at the lower threshold of acceptable voltage for the EB150. What you need is a higher capacity full sine wave inverter that your EB 150 will work with. If you do locate a charger, look for one that supplies the necessary voltage in the upper range of the EB150s input tolerance and you should be fine.

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