EB150 causes interference with my refrigerator


I have a POWEROAK Bluetti EB150 and wanted to use it to power my modern fridge, but it just goes crazy and doesn’t cool when plugged in. It looks like the output voltage of the EP150 is not a clean sine wave and thus the electronics of the refrigerator is disturbed. The refrigerator is a Siemens model which is about 1 year old. It is very economical and should only consume ~90W. The fridge stopped running after the failed attempt, but after a while without power, it let me start it again.

Then I tested the EP150 powerbank with a small speakerphone for cell phone and computer to which I connected my cell phone. Noise was not heard, but the touch function of the cell phone did not run reliably, the movements on the display started to jump when scrolling or was completely blocked.

I have a feeling that the EB150 generates high frequency noise on the 220V output, which interferes with the function of connected devices. What do you have to say about this? Is it a fault in the current generator that can be repaired?

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Did your EB150 give an overload indication? If so your fridge may be simply pulling more start up wattage than the Bluetti can handle and is overloading. Also possible your fridge is requiring an electrical ground an may need a neutral ground adapter plug.

No, I don’t see an overload indication. The fridge needs ~90W and the EB150 should handle until 1000W.

Also I got interferences on my mobile phone display touch function. If I use an additional line filter than the touch function works perfect.

Hi @Micha , In the machine’s inverter system, the inverter tube is in a high-frequency operation, will produce high-frequency noise interference, and the AC output LC filter inductance value is slightly small, can not filter out the high-frequency interference dry net. This high frequency interference may lead to cell phone charging touch screen malfunction. The current energy storage products on the market have this problem.

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But the powerbank is sold as a storage for solar energy, with which you can power your refrigerator. So it is of no use. Looks like we have a big problem.

Hi @Micha , As refrigerator is an inductive load, the start-up power may exceed the output power of EB150 1000W, thus causing the machine to shut down.

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Please look at the advertisement - Refrigerator 140W.

And the problem with my fridge was that the electronics were going crazy - the temperature setting was jumping through the various values, super cooling turned on and off … like by an electronic malfunction, not an electric.

Today I dared another test with mains filter. This time the fridge did not go crazy, the engine ran and the generator showed 60W. But then it did not work again, it did not start to cool, although I lowered the temperature default from 8 ° C to 2 ° C.

So, the power does not seem to be the problem, but that the 230V is not a pure sine wave.

I would agree with you that the issue is that the AC output is not pure sine wave.

On the AC200Max I have no issues running my fridge and drawing about 300W from it when the compressor is on.

Your fridge requires much more than 90 watts to start each compressor cycle. The wattage you are stating is the constand run draw. Not saying this is the issue, but only that the start up current is many times higher than the steady run current required.

I have now been able to clarify the whole thing. What is important is what I have now found out that modern refrigerators after a disconnection from the mains first take a break in which the motor does not start. This is to avoid “air bubbles” still hanging in the wrong places in the pipe system after a transport.

I now had the mains filter on the powerbank, everything activated and then quickly disconnected the plug from the fridge from the mains and plugged it into the powerbank. Now the refrigerator runs without problems, when I lower the temperature setting, the compressor starts without problems. The refrigerator is running at only 60W.

We learned - the powerbank does not generate a clean sine wave, which causes interference with connected devices.

From support I got the answer via email in the meantime:
"Have you removed the PS8 and are you able to use the touchscreen function on your phone? Since your order is over 3 months old. If the device needs to be sent to the factory for repair, you will need to send it back at your own expense.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused by this error.
You need to send it back yourself. After the warehouse receives the goods, I will promptly arrange a refund for you."

I wonder if the error can be repaired or if the unclean voltage is “normal”.