EB150 AC output into House circuit?

I’m a newbie with potentially dangerous lack of knowledge, very grateful for info I’ve gleaned from Forum (& YouTube) to give me confidence to buy some PV panels to run the EB150.

My question relates to drawing AC out of the unit. I’m aware of the two outputs with 1000W (1200W short burst) but rather than have to use the EB150 where I have some equipment I want to check on something I have come across.

The unit will be used in France and there’s a Govt approved self generation “Plug & Play” DIY option (i.e. Sunology Play), that involves 400W panels with micro-inverters that outputs into the house mains circuit using standard house plug connection.

So can I do the same from the EB150 AC outlet, with a Male to Male lead?

I have the necessary approvals and account variation with Enedis (French electric network) so it’s more the technical uncertainty that an EB150 can operate in this way.

Apologies for a very specific question, in reality I’m guessing it’s an electrical understanding query rather than being limited to French users only.


This is what the problem is with units that take DC solar input and produce AC output. I have the same units in America and they work fine. The problem is the unit must sync up with the AC from the electric company and I do not believe that the EB150 has that capability. Be very careful when plugging anything into the electric company !