EB 70 SHORT issue

Dear Team.

I just started using my new EB70 yesterday and charging my mobile phone & Notebook at the DC adapter went well. What is though not working at all and creating a SHORT message is, when I plug in a 10W light at the AC adapter. The SHORT indicator light appears immediately. The SHORT message also appears, when I use the DC Output to charge my phone and just press the ‘on’ button at the AC side without ANY device being plugged in.

This is really strange and makes me thinking something must be wrong?

Thanks for assitance.

Hi @Mister-Flott , Please remove all loads, press and hold the AC button and it should be restored.
If the above operation does not solve the problem, or if there is no output at no load, you will need to contact our support department via service@bluettipower.com for further resolution. Thanks for your cooperations.