EB 70 paired with non bluetti solar panels

My colleague just started using the Bluetti EB70 with the 200W bluetti solar panels. He lives in a high desert situation with extreme winds, sand storms, and is concerned about damaging the panels, so is considering pairing with less expensive, but less fragile solar panels. What considerations are necessary to connect non Bluetti panels, how many watts and other specs?

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Limit your voltage to a maximum of 29 volts. This will limit you to a single large panel or two smaller panels connected in parallel.

For all practical purposes if you can find a single panel of 300 watts or less that does not exceed 29 volts then it would be ideal. The incoming 8 amp limit is the limiting factor in being able to locate a panel that can supply 200 watts (limit of the EB70) of incoming solar charging. If you output 200 watts, most panel combinations will exceed the 8 amp limit if they are capable outputting 200 watts.

If you connect two smaller panels (say 100 to 120 watts each) you will also exceed the 8 amp limit and you will not get close to the 200 watt incoming charge spec. In reality you will most likely be able to achieve a 150 to 160 max charge rate in perfect sun and panel alignment no matter the panel combination.

A single panel such as the bouge RV 180 watt solid panel would work fairly well as long as you are willing to accept that you are not going to see a 200 watt incoming wattage for charge rate. This would be very similar to the existing 200 watt panel you now have but with a non portable panel of somewhat lower output “potential”


Thanks, Scoot appreciate the details in your answer. We will evaluate our choices and this info is very valuable.


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Hi Scott, I have a question
Can I use this eco worthy panel 170w on the bluetti eb 70 without damaging anything?
I’ll probably have 153 watts and not 170, right?
Thank you

170W 12V Pannello Solare Monocristallino

  • Rated Power: 170W
  • Maximum/peak voltage (Vmp): 18V
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 21.6V
  • Short circuit current: 9.89A
  • Maximum current: 9.44A
  • Moderate Voc Coefficient: -(0.38 +/- 0.01)%/℃
  • Temperature range: -40℃~ +85℃

That panel should be fine. I would however expect around 125 to 130 watts in excellent conditions though.

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instead a renogy panel with these characteristics?
the voice is a bit on the edge…it’s dangerous?

invece un pannello renogy con queste caratteristiche?
il voc e’ un po al limite…


Max Power at STC: 200W

Open Circuit Voltage: 27V

Short Circuit Current: 9.66A

Optimum Operating Voltage: 22.6 V

Optimum Operating Current: 8.85 A

Operating Temperature: -40°F~194°F / -40℃~90℃

Maximum System Voltage: 600 VDC UL

Maximum Series Fuse Rating: 15A

Output Cable: 14 AWG 2.95 ft (0.9m) long

Dimensions: 64.96 x 26.38 x 1.38 in / 1650 x 670 x 35mm

Weight: 26.46 lb (12 kg)

Solar Cells: 40 Cells (4*10)

Junction Box: IP65

Connectors: Solar Connectors

Module Efficiency: 18.1%

You should be ok with that panel but if you feel that it is too close to the maximum voltage I would recommend buying the Bluetti branded panel instead that way you know it will function correctly

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ma per tenerli sul terrazzo in inverno… onestamente mi sembrano sprecati.

I found a quality panel, which should be compatible.
How much could I expect from this panel under the best conditions?

MOSCATELLI brand panel
Dimensions 1425 x 705 x 35 mm
Peak power 200W
Short circuit current 10.5A
Open circuit voltage 24.25V
Maximum voltage current 9.8A
Maximum power voltage 20.8V
N° of diodes 2
Section and length of the cable 4 mm^2, 90 cm
Maximum system voltage 1000 V/DC

The most you will ever see is 160 to 165 watts regardless of the panel type or combination. This is due to the input amperage limitation

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I think I understand how it works.
probably a 190w or 200w panel won’t change the charge values much. thank you very much for helping

Even 400 watts will not change the actual input

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how is it possible for a panel to produce 46 volts ( voc )

I tested the bluetti with the other panel and it still seems to work. I was afraid I fried it. the Voc of the 100w corresponds to what was declared, while this reaches up to 46.1 volts…how is this possible? that a panel with Voc 24.30 a arrives up to q 46.1 volts??
Thanks and sorry if I’m a nerd.

I answer myself … it was a badly labeled panel. it was 24v and not 12v. luckily I didn’t damage the bluetti.

Good to hear you found the issue and resolved it with no damage to your Bluetti.

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