EB 70 infinite recharge time

So, I had a problem with extremely incorrect battery charge indicstion: it shows zero while there’s about 40% left. Since I use it for my PC and PC has quite a range of power consumption from 80 to 300 watts, I looked at this forum and found what seems to be a solution. So I charged it and then plug a constant load of 410 watts, which depleted battery in 88 minutes. Then I put it to charge and it goes and goes on full power. I plug it out after 4 hours and 15 minutes because 190 watts per hour multiplying 4,25 hours are definitely more than battery capacity. Any ideas what’s the problem with it and how to solve it? Thanks.

Hi @Eugen , Have you tried to calibrate the machine?

First discharge the machine to 0%, then charge it to 100% with the AC port. During this time it needs to be charged continuously, not disconnected, and not with a loaded device.

We suggest you try this first and then see if the EB70 still has this problem.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Hi! I did as you mentioned: first full discharge, then full charge with the proprietary AC adapter, no load, no interruption. When charging time crossed 4 hours and 10 minutes of constant charging on indicated 190 Watts of input I stopped it. 4 hours and 10 minutes is more than standard charging time and considering 190 watts of input it should pump about 780 Watts*h, which is more than battery capacity, so I came to conclusion that it is some kind of error. So I got here to ask. Thanks.

Little update: two hours ago electricity was cut off, so I turned my EB70 on and plug my PC into AC outlet. After two hours of constant 100 watts load battery indicator still shows full 100% of battery. That’s really annoying - I performed this calibrating procedure because of indicator showed 0% capacity when actually there was like 35-40% left, now it shows full charge forever. What should I do?

Finally it seems charged properly: it lasts about 4 hours and the light on adapter turned green and so on. Seems case closed.