EB 70 Failure: "Short"

Hi, I need technical support please because my EB70 is showing the error “short”. I connected a load with 690 watts maximum power and after that everything went dark. The EB70 is no longer responding. When I connect it to the 230V charger, the battery indicator first rises to 80% and then the red error message “short” appears.
QUESTION: What do I have to do to get my EB70 operational again?
Many greetings, Jörg

This is a fairly common issue with the EB70. You should contact your seller or Bluetti support. They may ask you to do some tests to identify the problem (and if it is a defect of the unit or if a connected load is causing the short) If it is identified as a defect in the unit it will need to be repaired or replaced. You can search the forums and the internet a bit for “EB70 short” to get an indication of what other users with this problem experienced.

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Thank you. I had hoped that this could be solved with a “trick”. I connected a consumer with 690W to the EB70. The consumer was adjustable and therefore certainly limited to 3A at 230V. The EB70 is supposedly capable of 1000W. This irritates me that this error message now comes up. I have already spent a lot of time looking at or reading various articles on the subject. Unfortunately, I have also come to the conclusion that the only thing that will probably help is a return or (as I would like) an exchange. So far, I have been thrilled with the device and would have liked to have it repaired.
My recommendation to all those for whom the short error comes and stops: don’t waste time trying around. It must be sent to a technician who will repair it.

Sorry for inconvenience caused.

Could you please try remove all load devices, reboot and see if the fault can be cleared and used again, and try to load other devices to see if they work properly.

If it still doesn’t work, you need to support the department for further solutions.

Thank you for your suggestion. I did that and unfortunately it did not work. My seller has contacted bluetti and I hope for an exchange, especially since I am actually thrilled with the device.

Same issue, i already contact my seller n waiting response from bluetti team… hope it can be solve…

Anyone ever get a resolution here? Having this issue with my eb55, had been working great until this weekend. Only ac is affected

Usually these issues get resolved via a factory repair. Contact Bluetti or your seller for support, you may need to do a few small tests and if these do not provide a solution you can get a repair under warranty.

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