EB 70 does not want to charge normally

Hi guys, need some advice. My EB 70 does not want to charge normally. Sometimes it charges up to 60% and after that the power supply turns green. If you turn on the charging again after that, the unit continues to light up green, but if you turn the plug in the EB 70 socket clockwise or counterclockwise, charging continues and the power unit lights up red. And again, after such a restart, the battery may not charge to 100%

Unfortunately, completely discharging the battery to zero did not help.

Everything is ok with the power supply unit, it was checked on another EB 70, it is immediately charged from it, even if it is almost 100% charged.

What is it more like? A technical problem with the contacts in the EB 70 socket or a problem with the internal software charging algorithm?

What can you advise? The battery is needed daily, I would not like to send it to the service for diagnostics, it will take a long time. Thanks!


Hi @Oleksandr , If you can get a full charge with the PV and car charging, then we suggest you get a replacement adapter.
Have you measured the voltage output of the EB70 adapter with a multimeter?


I have the same issue with my EB70 which is used only for 4 days…
Did you find the reason of this problem?

I also have a such problem. If you have a fix for this, it would be great to share with your knowledge

Hi, any updates on this issue? Got the same after week of usage

I have same issue with EB70S, new, out of the box doesn’t charge with wall charger. I measured voltage out of connector and it’s 42V, when manual says max 28V! Apparently power station just protect itself and doesn’t take charge from this obviously faulty charger (sticker on it says it should be 25.2V). Car charger works fine on the other hand, it charges the power station.
As a solution I just bought 170w charger for Lenovo laptop (45N0113 in my case), which has almost similar connector, but doesn’t fit anyway, cut the connector from the original charger with cable and replaced one on Lenovo charger. Power station is charging now at 156W with it. Definitely faster and cheaper then send it for replacement to US from Ukraine.

After a week of use, I also have a problem with the actual capacity of the batteries. the first days it was about 500 watts, and now it has fallen somewhere to 300. The charge shows 100%, the charger glows green. How do I determine capacity? I have 1 use case when the light goes out: TV + router, consumption is about 100 watts per hour. Before that, it was enough for almost 5 hours, now for 3. Yes, I checked the consumption on the device and it is almost always stable at 100 watts, the brightness on the TV did not change. Very upset that the batteries have become unusable in such a short time. I don’t see the point in sending it for service to Germany from Ukraine yet.

I have something similar here, unfortunately - it started charging up to 60% only and then it just stops charging.
Same case with the delivery as people described above, I’ve ordered it this way: Germany → Poland → Ukraine.
Any advice here @BLUETTI?
Having Bluetti fully charged is a must for us nowadays.

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Same here, after week of usage the device started to charge only up to 60%, after several days it’s only get up to 40%. Is there any workaround on this @BLUETTI ? Same for the delivery - there’s no option for deliver it from Ukraine for customer service

Try to discharge it completely(to 0) and then charge it to 100%. It helped me this time. Also, I know that another guy had similar issue but with Ecoflow, doing discharge-recharge(0-100) for 3 times calibrated the battery and it got back to normal.


Thank you a lot, it saved me! Working fine as of now, right after first discharge to 0, it started charging up to 100%. Thank you!


I am very sorry for the late reply due to the Lunar New Year holiday. Yes, the calibration of multiple charge/discharge helps to restore the machine to normal charge.