EB 70 connected to renogy 200w

Can anyone tell me if it is safe to connect my bluetii EB 70 to 2 renogy panel in parallel ,each being 200 watt. Would the charging rate be faster.

Yes. Based on my estimates you can generate 25% more in full sun and 100% in cloudy conditions than if you only used 1 200W Renogy solar panel.

The EB70 supports 12V~28V / 8A Max. / 200W Max DC input and each Renogy 200W panel has an Open Circuit voltage of 27V which lowers closer to 22V when charging the battery. However, because the MPPT controller of the EB70 only supports up to 8A you’re going to max out at about 22V x 8A = 176W total input across both panels. Even so, you’ll still benefit from running two over one when in cloudy/overcast conditions because you’ll double your solar generation.

Some examples:

  • In max sun let’s assume each panel can generate around 140W or 280W across both wired in parallel. At 22V your EB70 won’t be able to use more than 176W of it. Running a second panel nets you about 36W or 25% more energy into your EB70.
  • On a cloudy day let’s assume each panel generates around 40W or 80W across both wired in parallel. Running a second panel nets you about 40W or 100% more energy into your EB70.

Hi @Na7770 , Make sure your solar panel open circuit voltage is between 12-28V and plug in and tighten all connections. You are ready to solar charge your EB70.:blush: