EB 40 connection to Fuse Box

Just picked up a EB 40 and wanted to run a fuse box for the DC accessories. Is this possible? If so, what cable is needed into power station that would connect o rings to fuse box?
any help appreciated.

@archaboya Are you referring to EB240 please?

negative. I was referring to the BLUETTI EB40 400Wh/300W Portable Power Station. Trying to figure out if I can connect a fuse box into the station? Sounds like the better solution might be to run a separate battery for the DC accessories. Any thoughts?

OK. EB40 can be connected to a fuse box, but the total power of the loaded equipment must not exceed the maximum power rating of EB40.

Thats great news. The loaded equipment would include two ceiling fans and LED ceiling lights. Do you think this little power station can handle that?

If the EB40 can be connected to a fuse box, how do you do it? What connectors/cable do you use?

The EB40 shows a vehicle jump start port. If it were me, I would fabricate a cable that cuts off the battery clamps from the jump start cable and connect those cut off wires to ring terminals. This would give you the most direct connection. Alternatively you could use the 10 amp cigarette lighter DC output and connect the car charge cable to the ring terminals for your fuse box. But…that would limit you to 10 amps output.

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I ended up fabricating a cable from the jump start cable to ring terminals. I ran the fuse box and got power for my LED lights. However, the power stopped after a few minutes. Any idea what I am doing wrong? These LED lights barely pull any power.
all help appreciated.

I have no hands on experience with the EB40 but my best guess is that the jump start output only provides power for a limited amount of time to prevent overload when jump starting a vehicle and this overload protection is shutting off your power output. So…the jump start port may not work as a constant DC source.