EB-3A not charging

I just received EB-3A. It had 65% charge out of the box. Charged with AC cord to 100% then ran it down to 0%.
It will not charge anymore. Says there is 0 watts input. I know plugs are good. Car charging and solar charging are not an option. Need this for camping trip in 1 1/2 days. Suggestions?

Hi there!
I know the same problem!
Keep the EB3A connected to the grid for at least 12 hours. It will recover, no matter what the Display says!
Think of buying a Charger for the second Input! Dual charging will improve the success!

@mstrat It may be over-discharge. You can try to charge EB3A via car or solar panel to activate it. Then you can charge it via AC normally.

Dont own a EB3A but this is also the case for a normal 12V Battery when its extrem discharge. They sometimes just start working after put it for a long time on the charger

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