EB 240 charging problem

So i have the factory charger that puts out 42 volt at 4 amps for 160 to 170 watts of charging and wanted to increase that for faster charging. I got another 42 volt charger that puts out 5 amps and used a Goal Zero 8MM combiner. I ran down the EB 240 to about 30% and started the chargers but the EB 240 would cut the charging when it got to 300 watts of input.
Anybody know why this is happening?

I’m going to guess and say that you are plugging both chargers into a vehicle powered inverter that does not have the capacity to provide sufficient power to run both chargers simultaneously.

So my inverter is a 400 watt 3.6 amp unit from Bestek - so because I have plugged both chargers into it and their combined amperage is 9 amps of output when plugged into shore power to produce 360 watts of charge, I probably need to upgrade the inverter to allow for that much output??
How much buffer capacity would you recommend??


I would always double the expected load. For example if you had a 500 watt load, I would go with a 1,000 watt inverter. Don’t forget that the incoming cable size between the battery and the inverter needs to be large and as short as possible. It takes a fairly serious installation to run a high powered inverter off a 12 volt battery for extended run times. You also need your cars alternator being capable of outputting all those DC amps without overloading it and burning up.

OK,…will do. I think my alternator is up for the load, it is a 150 amp unit. I have 6 gauge wires running from the van’s CCP with about a 3 ft run.