EB 150/250 with Ista Breeze I-500

Dear Community,

the EB Models does have a input of 60V 10A for Solar charging.
im about to get the Ista Breeze I-500 windmill and want to charge the EB 150 with this.

My problem is that i dont have any knowledge to make this work. The WIndmill only offers two wires that show, the EB 150 need a DC Input. Can a windmill get that MC4 connectors?

Anyone can help me with this?


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You would have to attach MC4 connectors yourself making absolutely sure that you connect the positive and negative wires correctly to match the incoming positive and negative wires of your EB150. MC4 connectors are widely available on Amazon for purchase.

BUT…The windmill specs that you want show that the open circuit voltage is 0 to 300 volts and list the voltage as AC voltage. (the ac voltage may be a misprint in their manual) If the input voltage limit is 60 Volts for your EB150 and you apply up to 300 volts to it, your EB150 will no longer operate as you will have greatly exceeded the incoming voltage specs. I would not attempt that.


The biggest problem is amperage. You have a maximum of 10A.
500/12=41.6 A
You can go up to 60 volt and maximum of 10 A for 600 watts.
Documentation says max wattage is 500.

I do have the 24V Version of this

I’m really interested in this concept for the B300.

Sorry for digging up an old post :sweat_smile:

Bluetti AC 300 userguide lists wind power with a Bluetti Wind Turbine:

Is there such thing? Found this post about Ista Breeze I-500 and reminded me of KiteX:


Prices range from 250eur for an Ista Breeze to 1750eur for KiteX while similar in terms of output power. I’d like a recommendation for a windmill that’s cost effective an realiable.

Has anyone experience successfully harvesting wind using a Bluetti station?