EB 150 0 watts solar input

Hello, I am a solar newbie and I recently bought a EB150 for a small cabin along with 2*200w solar panels. However, when I put them in series (or individually as well), the EB150 stays at 0 watt of input. It very briefly goes up, to about 20w for 1 second and then goes back to 0, no charging. It is quite frustrating. Any idea what’s happening? I tried to reset the unit, doesn’t work. Bellow are the details of the panels if it is useful.

Thank you for your help!

|Manufacturer model|Eco Line ES200M36|

|Cells|36 pieces monocrystalline|
|Max. Power (Pm)|200 W *|
|Max. Voltage (Vmp)|18.4 V|
|Max. Current (Imp)|10.86 A|
|Open circuit voltage (Voc)|22.68 V|
|Short circuit current (Isc)|11.3 A|
|Operating temperature|-45 ° C to +85 ° C|
|Maximum System Voltage|1000 V DC|
|Power Tolerance|+ 3%|
|Weight|13,9 kg|
|Dimensions|1480 * 670 * 35 mm|

Are you by chance already fully charged with your EB150 which is not allowing any further charging?

Oh that would be a very easy fix. No it was about half charged. The AC charging works fine. I am thinking that it might be reverse polarity of the mc4. I see that as a fairly common issue. Would that be a possibility?

That could be a definite possibility if the solar panels are a third party brand and are wired opposite the industry std.

If you have a volt meter handy, it is a quick check to see if the polarity is correct. An inexpensive (under 15.00) Volt meter will work. Let us know how it goes?

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You may have an issue with the 8mm connector. I have one EB150 that acts this way but another EB150 that works fine. Both cables are Maxoak OEM cables. Make sure you are getting a good connection.