Earth Day with BLUETTI - Powering Sustainable Change!

Show your commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices by participating in our :earth_africa:Earth Day campaign :earth_asia:!
Whether it’s using solar power to reduce carbon footprint or promoting energy efficiency, we want to hear your unique perspectives on sustainability.:recycle:

How to join:
Create a new topic with tag #BLUETTIEarthDay on the forum showcasing your creative ideas on how you use BLUETTI products to contribute to a greener future.
:camera_flash: Include photos (real photos required), videos, or testimonials highlighting the positive impact of eco-friendly practices powered by BLUETTI.

:1st_place_medal: BLUETTI PV350 *1
:2nd_place_medal: BLUETTI PV200 *2
:3rd_place_medal: BLUETTI PV120 *2

Duration: til April 30th :alarm_clock:

Let’s come together this Earth Day to inspire change, promote sustainability, and showcase the power of clean energy with BLUETTI! :earth_americas::bulb:
#PoweringSustainableChange #EarthDayGiveaway


We are glad to announce that #BLUETTIEarthDay campaign has been successfully concluded, and the winners will be announced within 10 business days! Good luck to everyone! :star_struck: :raised_hands: