E3BA + Lexus (Toyota) issue

Guys, please help me to solve the problem with charging the station from car outlet 12V.

The car does not provide higher voltage and power in case when car battery is charged and there are no powerful electric consumer. So, the car’s electric generator provides only needed energy, and not generate extra power.

The same but mirror situation, as I understand, happens with the charging station:
If there is no powerful source, Bluetti tries to charge itself with lower power - as 9-12Watt.

These two are worth team ever.

I have already checked the car’s outlet, and it could provide 12V 120Watt 10A and electrician checked it.

So, I need to “teach” Bluetti to ask more

@anton.sadykov Are you referring to the machine can not be car charging?
Please check whether the car charging cable is twisted tightly and the cigarette lighter is plugged into place. If you can, use a multimeter to check if the car charger cable has voltage input

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Yes, thank you for the answer

Of course, I have already checked and official Lexus dealer checked twice. The Answer is: Consumer must “ask for the power”.

By the way. When the car’s generator provides more power for the other consumers - Bluetti also gets 75-89Watt Input.

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