Dual input option for AC180

Is there anyway to connect two inputs into the AC180 for charging at the same time? If there isn’t reliable solar, I was hoping to have it plugged into a 12V source to supplement while driving. Of course I can just unplug the solar and plug in the other unit, i was just hoping to have both plugged in and turn on a switch. I was originally hoping to be able to use my 400w bed outlet to charge as a backup but the AC180 doesn’t seem to like the waveform of the truck’s inverter for charging.

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The issue with this is that the highest voltage will always flow to the lowest voltage source. Solar voltage will be higher than the 12 volt (nominal) vehicle system and in essence you would be feeding your vehicle with 18 to 20 volts which is not compatible with your 12 volt system. You could put one way diodes in a system so that the power only flows one way but that would entail a degree of do it yourself electronic knowledge. An easy back up system would be to connect a 1,00 watt (or larger) pure sine wave inverter to your vehicle battery and then charge the AC180 with it on the medium speed charge setting.


Thanks for the quick reply. That’s how it was working out in my mind so glad to confirm it. Really frustrating that there isn’t a second DC input like other power stations have but I guess that’s on me for not thinking through it a bit more. I’ll look into adding another inverter down the road but probably for now I’ll just manually switch.

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