Dual Charging using AC Generator and Solar PV

Hi all, new user here and searched briefly to see if there were any threads that could help with my question to no avail. I bought an AC200L two months ago to use as a power supplement for our 26 foot camper.

We have 1,000 watts of solar installed on the roof of the camper, and then a small 1800 watt propane generator that we had hoped between the two power methods we could use the RV’s 13,500 btu air conditioner for our hot days. It gets up to mid 90s some days and the A/C is necessary to stay comfortable.

I tried leaving the solar plugged into the Bluetti unit and then tried supplementing with connecting the generator to it to charge the Bluetti using both at the same time. The solar would bring in about 7-800 watts and the generator would put in about 1,300 watts…while the Bluetti would allow it. It would shut down the generator input and show it as connected (green) in the app, but not pulling any power from it. It kept pulling down solar but it wasn’t enough to keep up with the A/C unit drawing 1,300 watts of power. The only way this AC200L can keep up with my air conditioner is if I can dual charge with my generator, or I would have to upgrade to an AC300 and add more solar to my roof, which I don’t have enough room for.

I called Bluetti to ask why it was not allowing charging from the generator. They told me that the unit does not support simultaneous dual charging from an AC source (the generator) and a solar PV at the same time. That is not what I understood from their advertising and website, and it dual charges just fine when I am plugged into solar and into my house.

I called them again to ask specifically if the unit would support dual charging and this second rep said it would support dual charging if the generator was a pure sine wave generator. To my knowledge, that doesn’t exist. The only generators I know of and have used only output modified sine wave power.

So my question is this, can you dual charge a Bluetti with both solar and a generator at the same time? Or, does anybody know of a pure sine wave generator that they might point me to?

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide!

You do need to use a pure sine wave inverter and they are very common. A Honda EU2200i is a good example.