Dual ac300s to Bluetti’s smart home panel

So I got 2 Ac300s, bc300s, fusion box and the smart home panel from Bluetti. My goals are to set up 110 power for my outlets and possibly run my car lift ( which operates 208-230V). [1]My first problem and question: the smart home panel was sent for the Ep500 so the plug are 4 prong instead of 3. I was told that I only need to change the plug ends to the 3 prong type to make it work. Is this true?[2] I would think that the picture in the subpanel manual is correct on page 6 is correct for hooking the subpanel to the grid? [3] Does the panel plug into the 2 ac300s and automatically increase the output to the units to 110-240v @6000w and 12000 surge or do I need to do a complete different set up with the fusion box to make this work? Sorry I’m not a electrician but I do understand a lot after days of trying to figure this out. I would just like to be able to somewhat spell out what needs to be done so my electrician doesn’t do double work and I don’t get double charged. (Pictures for reference are also posted)

I have documented in a video series that Bluetti’s plug do not follow standard US color coding, if you do change the plugs to the correct type you need to make sure you re-wire as they had it, not as you think it should be according to US standards.

When you use two AC300 together to create 240v or to connect it to a panel you are not getting 6000 watts in total… What you are getting is 3000 watts (25amps) to one LEG (L1) and another 3000 watts (25 amps) to the other LEG (L2). These can not be combined together to create 6000 to run a single load. They work together to provide each phase required to create the 240v or two run two separate sets of loads.

If you don’t understand how a panel works with the different phases, I would get your electrician up front… as you can kill your AC300 if you do this wrong.