Dual AC charging

I am doing dual AC charging on both my AC200 and AC200P using the DC input option. Is it possible to do the same with the AC200 MAX?

Yes. If you have an AC to DC adapter that can output sufficient amps within the DC input voltage range, then it will charge the battery. The AC200max just sees it as another DC source, I think it is max 150V, 15A, 900W whatever comes first.

Thank you. The problem is what adapter to use for the T500 AC charger. I website says I can use the XT90 to DC7909 connector, but I don’t see that connection type on the AC200 MAX.

Hi @FncRnr

Yes, AC200MAX can do dual AC charging.
You need a XT90 TO DC7909 cable. Here is the link to it.

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So the MAX comes with an adapter that accepts the XT90 connection?


Thank you for your response.

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I need to order several XT90 to DC7909 connectors. When they went out of stock they where $9.90 each. Now while waiting for them to arrive I notice the price has increased to an unbelievable $29.90 each. Incredible price increase.