DS300 Step Down Module lacks some key safety features that need addressed

The Bluetti DS300 does what it says, that being, taking strings of high voltage rooftop solar at 500 v and reducing it to 150 v. That being said, it lacks 2 key safety features required for rooftop solar, which this is clearly built to interact with.

On plain solar strings, it works well. However, to comply with the safety code, it should have arc-fault protection and rapid shutdown and play nice with rapid shutdown optimizers as from Tigo. The lack of these features caused me to have to pay $2000 more for arc-fault combiner boxes. I installed Tigo DC optimizers with monitoring and rapid shutdown on each panel. I would have had to do this with any charge controller. However, the DS300 fights with those, occasionally cycling output inexplicably to zero for a few seconds. This probably costs me 10-20% yield, but I need to have the optimizers to comply with rapid shutdown requirements. Can Bluetti fix this with a firmware upgrade?

The next version NEEDS to have arc-fault and rapid shutdown support and play nicer with optimizers.

Many don’t need this features.
So i have rather have only the ones that care about this pay 2000$ extra then everyone else pay some amount extra.