Drawing 120v and 240v simultaneously

based on the website and some of the posts, it seems all of the optional equipment exists from bluetti to have two identical units of a certain type [eg AC300, EP500] be powered by two separate [ideally identical] solar arrays and be connected to provide 240v, however, i’ve been unable to find out if you can also draw 120v at the same time as 240v? in other words can i have identical units of a certain type [eg AC300, EP500] configured to be powering a 240v device at the same time it is powering 120v device? if so does bluetti have all of the necessary equipment for sale?

i ask because ecoflow has something similar but it was easy to find out that their devices would not allow drawing 120v and 240v simultaneously.

if bluetti also cannot does anyone know who might?

Bluetti Fusion box does what you want. It has one 240 volt plug and 6 120 volts plugs. You must have two units connected together like ep500s.

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Order the P030A Fusion Box Pro. The AC300 user manual explains how it is attached to two AC300 in parallel, and how to setup the AC300 for split phase operation. It has one 30 A, 240 VAC outlet (L14-30) and several 120 VAC outlets.

I recommend care in taking out too much power on the 120 VAC outlets of any AC300 when attached in split phase for 240 VAC because if the total load of one unit is over its 3 kW limit, it will shut down and then the other AC300 will also shut down. You may see a “08 Over Current” error message, as I did once.


thanks for the replies, one more item, what about the 12 volt plugs on the main unit can they be accessed while using the split phase Bluetti Fusion box to power things?

Yes, they can be used while powering the AC load.

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