Don't see this in the instructions

AC500 and three B300s.
I don’t see this anywhere in the instructions about using multiple charging inputs. So before I try it:
I’ve got a spare 100 watt panel that I can’t add to my current arrays because of mismatched voltage/current.
So, can I simply add it to a PV input of a B300s without worrying about mismatching the arrays that are plugged into the AC500?
I know it will work with a B300s by itself, but how does that work with the whole system connected together? Will it simply add the 100 watts power to the whole system?

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@St8kout Both AC500 and B300S can be charged with solar panels at the same time, as long as the total open circuit voltage of the solar panels connected to each unit is within the respective DC input range.


We we can plug panels into the 2 MPPT port of the AC300/AC500 unit at up to 150Voc. Plus at the same time another panel into the DC input of the B300 at up to 60Voc for an extra 200W of charging for each battery?

@snowstorm Yes, you understand correctly. :)

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