Dokio 110w 18v solar panel

I am very new to the solar game. Just ordered my first Bluetti EB3A. I currently have Dokio 110w 18v solar panels at our camp. Will this work with the EB3A. It does have a 8mm adaptor. Thanks!

Yes it should. If the panel has a charge controller, you need to bypass it by disconnecting the charge controller and connect the direct panel output wires to the EB3a.

I was hoping that would be the answer I received. Thank!

I have a EB3A and using solar 100 watt panel. It will not work on cloudy days because the EB3a solar MPPT controller needs 1 amp (problem with the EB3A MPPT controller! ) and that only happens on bright sunny days. I put a second 100 watt flex solar panel in parallel which increases the current (amps) and now it works better.

I tested it on a bench variable power supply and 18 volts and .67 amps will give you an error condition of the INPUT flashing. It should give you a about 12 watts but only error condition!