Does the B300s have a heater?

I’m trying to get my AC500 + B300s setup to charge out in my garage, where it’s right around freezing right now. The solar panels should be giving 100+ watts in the full sun, but the AC500 gave a temperature fault and is not charging the battery.

Doesn’t the B300s have a heater? Does it use battery power to run the heater?

I have no experience with the B300S, but have you read the User Guide? It may be a new switch or a setting at the AC500

I did a quick search through the AC500 manual and didn’t find anything, but it looks like the manual is not searchable so I looked more closely and found:

When connecting B300S with the T500 adapter or AC500 to the grid, B300S is able to self-heat and get charged even at -4°F/-20°C.

… which tells me that the heater only works when plugged in to the wall. I wonder if anyone can confirm that. If so, the heater is basically useless for me…

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Thanks for looking that up.
Seems sensible, since electric heaters generally draw lots of power. Running them without grid power would cycle the batteries quite a bit…

Hi @ybkpk , B300S has a built-in heating module that automatically pre-heats the battery pack at low temperatures, enabling low-temperature charging in environments as low as -20°C. Widen the use environment of the power supply.