Does Bluetti (or other entitity) have a cloud service available for checking status of AC200MAX via internet?

For the AC200MAX bluetooth works fine upto 35ft.
Is there a cloud service available for checking status of unit via internet?

A cloud service would be very nice to have!
Afaik there is no “official” solution.
Maybe you can put an old(er) android-smartphone permanently at the ac200max. Connect the smartphone to your local wifi and use a remote-control-app to access the old smartphone from all over the world.

I use teamviewer on an old tablet that I keep next to the 200max. Works quite well.

No, only the AC300, AC500 and EP500 feature WiFi cloud status.

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Hi @meddi , Very sorry because the AC200MAX does not support WiFi, so there is no cloud service, AC300 or above models can support.

There is another possibility a mqtt interface.