Does BLUETTI Ac200Max and B230 battery charge with power buttons off?

  1. I have a AC200 Max with b230 expansion battery. Will the AC brick charge both units with power button off? or do both power buttons need to be on and illuminated for units to accept charge?

I think the PV input charges and turns on unit , but unclear on this point.

  1. Using the D050s states 60v / 10 amp. My panels will produce 49 volts and 13 amps. will the additional amps damage the D050S charging enhancer?
    Thanks for help

1-The AC brick will charge both
2-The output of the D050S charging enhancer is limited to 10 amps of output. If you have 13 amps of available input the charging enhancer will still only output 10 amps max. so no problem. In the real world, your panels are unlikely to reach the maximum amperage and the output will be less as well.

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