Does anyone have solar hooked up to **(2)** BLUETTI EP500pros **AND** a Split Phase Fusion Box?

Thank you for reading this! - I am hoping you can shed some light on this … I can not find one video or photo showing solar hooked up to two EP500 attached to a split fusion box, why is that?

This is why I want to know:

I have (2) BLUETTI EP500pros AND a Split Phase Fusion Box; I want to add solar panels to charge both of them from solar while connected with the Fusion Box. When configured this way, I am confused about the max wattage for solar panels. Please read on …


  • 1). Can I add up tp 2,400 watts of solar total to (each) EP500Pro? If yes;

  • 2). When the (2) EP500pros are connected to the fusion box, Do I (can I) ADD up tp 2,400 watts to each one of the PV (inlets) in other words, a maximum of 2,400 watts in each of the EP500pros PV inlets? OR;

  • 3). Can I add 4,400 watts to only one of (master/slave) EP500pro when connected to the fusion box?

  • 4). Is there another way or a better way?

FYI: I saw this: Solar Kit and it got me thinking. The kit includes panels that equal 4,020 watts. When I call them on how to hook them up to the EP500pro they said I have to refer to my owner’s manual; hence why I am reaching out here - no such topic in the manual. Moreover, I can not find one image showing solar being connected to an EP500 (pro or otherwise) when using the Fusion box configuration :frowning:

I am seeking clarity and can not find any answers. Any advice or direction would be of the utmost appreciated.

Thank yoU!

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I do not have this unit but it would seem to me that you would hook up solar to each EP500 individually. That just makes more sense, or at least it would seem the safest bet. It also makes it more difficult than just one connector. Its kind of lame that the people that are selling the unit shown in the link wont commit to an answer. Its a pretty fair question and makes sense that you would ask it. the outputs are being shared by the fusion box but I suspect the charging circuits (inputs) are still independent and its likely that if only one side saw greater than the max input it would just limit it. For it to charge from only one side with both units connected to the fusion box would mean that the unit without solar connected would charge backwards through the fusion box.

I agree with your thoughts, I am thinking those lines too. Thank you for your reply. I would feel better before hooking my system up if someone from Blueitti or anyone that has this configuration could provide guidance as well.

If you already have solar available you can prove it by hooking it up to just one unit with the fusion box connected and see if the other side charges.

That would be a great experiment, and that seems like something I would do/try. :grinning: However, I have everything except for the solar panels. I am looking to buy and want to maximize the solar input. I would rather not have to “experiment” on something that should be found in some sort of documentation by Bluetti or at least someone with first-hand experience with the system that I currently own and described here. I do appreciate your comments, thank yoU!


UPDATE: I received an email reply to my questions from The Bluetti Team. The answers for the most part have solved my quandary. I have cut and pasted that reply in its entirety for everyone to review. If anyone has anything more to add or suggest please by all means. Thank you!

My answer:

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your reaching out to us.
Sorry for the late reply.
Let me help you answer your questions:
1). Can I add up tp 2,400 watts of solar total to (each) EP500Pro? If yes;
Answer: Yes!
2). When the (2) EP500pros are connected to the fusion box, Do I (can I) ADD up tp 2,400 watts to each one of the PV (inlets) in other words, a maximum of 2,400 watts in each of the EP500pros PV inlets?
Answer: DC1 and DC2 can support a maximum of 2400W respectively, a total of DC1 + DC2 = 2400 + 2400 = 4800W
Warm tip: Using solar panels to charge the machine, you need to meet the open circuit voltage range of the machine: 12-150V, can not exceed this voltage range.

3). Can I add 4,400 watts to only one of (master/slave) EP500pro when connected to the fusion box?
Answer: Yes, but it is important to understand that if a solar panel is used to power one of them, only that one will be charging and the other one will not.
Warm tip: When connecting Fusion Box to charge the machine, you can only use DC to charge the machine, if you want to charge the machine with AC, you need to have another cable to support charging with AC, as shown in the figure:

Hope my answer is helpful to you.
If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.
Thank you for your support and trust.
Hope you are doing well.

Kind regards,
The Bluetti Team

Glad to hear you have your answers. To maximize solar charging your going to have 2 separate connections and strings of panels. Not the best option but easily doable.

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I have 2 500s (NOT a pro) connected with a fusion box providing 240 volts.
I have 6 Newpa 200 watt panels connected to the solar input Of Each battery. A total of 2400 split between the two!
If you connect solar to one battery, that battery will charge but only that battery.
Hope that helps

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That does help!

I also received this from Mike Su (Bluetti After-sales Engineer) answers to my questions above:

1, Yes.
2, Master Max input power 12002, slave Max input power 12002
3, Master & slave can be charged separately or at the same time with 12002.*

I am assuming that 12002 is 2400. Why they don’t say 2400 is beyond me. I have the Pro version so my max which I believe (12002) is 2400 watts.


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The fact that the Bluetti team chooses to interact via email and not on the phone or even live chat is seriously complicating and extending their customer interactions. They do not speak (write) clearly as you put in the post concerning the “12002” spec. I have had multiple emails with them over a 5 minute question that could be handled clearly in ONE interaction if they would choose to answer their phones. This “mailbox is full” crap is highly distressing and unprofessional.
I am impressed with the equipment but their customer service skills are the worst I have ever seen.
I have an EP500Pro and am trying to build my arrays to fit the machine without need of the $560 D300s to adjust an over voltage issue you may have with a previously installed solar panel array not designed to meet the limitations of the EP500Pro (12-150 volts 12 amps 1200watts *2) for each unit a person may have.
I am almost ready to pull the trigger on 6 panels from Signature Solar that I think fit the requirements BUT since the voltage total for each array of 3 panels would come to 147.9 volts I want Bluetti to approve the configuration. The folks at Signature Solar said they recommend staying 10% below the max voltage which would put my design over substantially. To get the voltage down to 135volts or less would reduce the wattage to less than 1000 and why would I want to do that if the Bluetti was designed with that 150 volt spec in mind? I just need varification but my email will take atleast 2 days if I’m lucky and the person anwsering actually does it clearly and not like I’m a coworker speaking their inhouse lingo.
Again, I think the equipment is top notch but man they are not instilling confidence via their customer interactions.

I have two ep 500s connected via fusion box. Each battery is fed by an array of 6 Newpa 200watt panels. This puts 900/1000 watts into the batteries.

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I concur with Signature Solar that you should aim for 135Volts or less… I am in the same position as you having a bunch of 49V panels and I ended-up having to string only two together to keep it around 100V. From the research I did, voltage levels will rise when temperatures drop. I don’t know how Bluetti would handle it, but starting at 147.9V I think is a problem. Their specs are unfortunate because a lot of the large roof-top panels are 49V.

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I am researching array set up with these initial thoughts:

  1. I could put the 3rd panel of each of the 2 arrays facing the eastern sky to pick up morning rays while each set of of the other two are mounted facing southern sky. This way they don’t ever get full sun all together at once and the voltage would not reach over 150v total.
  2. I could install a breaker on each series to stop any chance of it over powering the 150v limit. (I might should do this anyway).
  3. I could run the 2 sets of 3 only outside the few hours of each year an over voltage situation was possible. (I live in East Texas where we do have change of season (spent a week below zero with 17" of powder on the ground during the “Snowpocalypse” “Snowmegadon” event.

I am still learning the EP500pro’s control panel program options so it may be as simple as just setting hours of operation. I still have a lot to learn with little room for mistakes that cost $$$.

I appreciate any input the community has on this that would help solve this issue and maximize recharge capability via solar.