Does AC60 support UPS mode?

Does the AC60 support a UPS by-pass mode? Where when grid AC power is available, the inverter is not in use and outputs are directly powered by the AC grid. When the AC grid is lost, the AC output is immediately switched over to inverter power so functions remain uninterrupted? This would be a very important function for things like CPAP and computer equipment.

I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of the AC60 and it is finally here. But it looks like Bluetti has removed all mention of UPS from the product description or instruction manual. I can still find older promotional material that proudly proclaims UPS mode and early reviewers suggest the present of a UPS by-pass rely. The product promo even shows it connected to medical equipment (CPAP?). However, the product purchase page doesn’t mention UPS and the actual product and manual has replaced what used to be the “UPS” indicator with a “GRID” indicator on the unit’s actual display.

I am using the EB3A right now, but that unit’s UPS mode has problems for me.

In the product promo images we can clearly see the UPS mode indicator, just like on EB3A

But on the user manual, this has been replaced with “GRID”

What’s going on? Is GRID same as UPS? Or is it kind of like a UPS but it cannot be called a UPS because there is some missing capability like too long of a switch over time? What is the switch over time?

After confirming with the tech, the AC60 has UPS capability and the switchover time is also 20ms.
The UPS performance is the same as the EB3A.

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Good to know, that’s an important feature and should be reaffirmed in the documentation and product page.

I will pass on your suggestion to the sales team. :)