DOD for AC200Max

Having read the manual for theAC200Max, I understand the DOD for this unit is 10-90% . Since I have my 2 AC200Max units feeding isolated circuits powering domestic appliances all day with just enough PV to last the 24 hours; should I switch off PV when it gets to 10% and 90% as best practice? In normal circumstances the battery is about 15% in the morning and 100% all afternoon before it winds down in the evening.

Also I noticed from the few times I have used the charger unit overnight, that the fan for charger is still going in the morning even though the unit is fully charged. I always assumed that the charger will stop functioning once the battery gets to 100%. I wonder if I should put it on a timer for three hours since the unit normally is fully charged in that time.

Any comments will be appreciated.

You can choose to fully charge or discharge the AC200MAX. The machine has a built-in BMS system.
As soon as the internal temperature reaches a certain value, the fan will turn on. The fan will stop automatically when the temperature drops.