Document certifying the conformity of the ac500

where can I find the certificate of conformity of the Bluetti ac500+b300s device?

You must ask Bluetti for the certificates. I had to ask the certificate for tbe B300 as my order was shipped to a transport carrier and later shipped to my home in April 2022. The AC300 can be shipped even by the USPS as it has no battery inside.

so you have received the compliance documents to certify the installation for energy redevelopment of the house? did you receive them by email or post?
What email address did you use to request them?

To comply with what?

Bluetti has some certifications on their Alibaba business profile. (Bluetti is a trade name of PowerOak)

I am not referring to the Bluetti company, but I mean the certificate attesting that the product is compliant for installation in homes, in this case the ac500 product.