Do I need a surge protector?

I know someone had asked previously if they needed a surge protector for their Bluetti unit… and the answer is Absolutely!

No matter if you are plugging in the device into your home’s grid or if you’re out adventuring, the need to protect your equipment is very important from voltage spikes!

For those who are using RV parks and other locations to charge their units remotely and outside of your own home are potentially plugging their units into an electrical system that is “unknown”… you don’t know if the electrical wiring is correct, if someone else is connecting a faulty device, etc…

So I would highly recommend that you spend a few bucks and protect your investment.

I personally installed a surge protector that has a built in outlet tester. This allows me to plug in my surge protector first, wait for the outlet tester to confirm that the outlet is wired correctly and then I have a bit more confidence that it’s safe to plug in my device.

For more information about surges and surge protectors I recommend this video:


Hi @twister36 , Thank you very much for providing such valuable sharing!

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